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Revamped Peninsula Beijing Boasts Larger Rooms

For those who love sprawling hotel rooms with ample space for everyone’s steamers and trunks, The Peninsula Beijing may be your new home away from home. The hotel now boasts the largest luxury hotel rooms in the Chinese capital since they revamped their 525 rooms to actually create fewer rooms and suites – there are now 230. A small sacrifice really, for luxury. However, ‘small’ is definitely not the name of the game here.

The smallest rooms start at 60 square meters (645 square feet), going against trend in the industry. That is to say, most hotels maximize space to earn as much revenue as possible by creating as many rooms as possible.

With a little inspiration from luxury yachts and a few cultural elements, guests can trust that the rooms are both comfortable and sophisticated. The rooms feature hues of cream while artworks from Chinese artists adorn the walls. Like most luxury yachts, the rooms are fitted with furnishings from luxury Italian designers and a few hand-finished pieces from local designers.

The experience doesn’t stop there. Guests have full control of the lighting, temperature and can even order room service via the tablets that are found on the bedside and on room desks. The most luxurious suite in the hotel is The Loft that commands the top floors of the hotel. Spanning two stories, the suite has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breath-taking views of the city below.

The hotel has created another tier of suites by combining 17 room to create living spaces that measure up to 165 square meters (1,883 square feet). The suites also come with large living and dining spaces, dressing quarters and a master bedroom.

Work of Art: Le Méridien Taipei

Since it’s opening in 2010, the Le Méridien Taipei has been enamored by tourists and visitors all around the world. Not only is it located close to some of the most visited landmarks in the city, but it’s also succinct in its vision to build a hotel unlike any other, by collaborating with famed artistes to build up a unique experience. In Le Méridien Taipei, guests can expect to see as many as 700 exclusive artworks throughout the hotel.

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St. Regis Kuala Lumpur Opens Doors

The famous St. Regis brand of hotels has finally touched down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing a new standard of luxury for guests. Well, new in the sense that the city – in fact the country – lacked a St. Regis, which is a shame really as it is among the best Starwood has to offer. Located in the Sentral Precinct, otherwise known as KL Sentral, the 208 rooms and suites of the hotel aims to cater to the heart’s desire of any guest.

The array of suites on offered by the hotel range from 678 to 4,000 square feet, from vanilla guestrooms all the way up to the opulent Royal Suite. It isn’t quite as fancy as the St. Regis Abu Dhabi but more on that in bit. In terms of dining, St. Regis aims to satisfy a wide range of tastes, with a choice of six restaurants and bar spaces, as well as menus from three-Michelin-starred chef Takashi Saito from the Sushi Saito.

As for the rest of the services, you can expect all of the bells and whistles that the St. Regis is well known for. Each room will offer walk-in wardrobes, butler services and complementary daily unpacking, pressing and an in-room coffee and tea service. The Royal Suite, in particular, comes with private elevator access, leading directly into a suite featuring an outdoor terrace, a show kitchen, a massage room, and a gym.

“The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s strategic location, tech-forward facilities, and sophisticated services will offer the finest guest experiences imaginable, crafted for today’s luminaries who make our hotels their home away from home,” said Jim Petrus, Global Brand Leader, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. For those familiar with the hotel’s reputation, it promises not to disappoint.