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Embraer Private Jets to Feature Skylights

We were enthused to learn that a private manufacturer is actually putting skylights in its planes! This might sound crazy but the best part of air-travel has got to be the view. Whatever class you’re in, and no matter whether you’re flying in a private jet or not, the view is amazing. Having said that, most planes have tiny portholes masquerading as windows, wasting the potential of cruising above the clouds. Well, Brazilian jet builder Embraer’s got something to say about that.

The company has just come up with a new idea on how to furnish their $53 million Lineage 1000E private jets with large skylights and windows by teaming up with yacht designer Patrick Knowles. Embraer dubs this design the “Airship Kyoto”, and it’ll be the first time the concept has been really executed on a large jet that can leap up to 35,000 feet, with pressurized cabins of course.


The reference to Japan (Kyoto is not in Brazil, for the geographically challenged) comes from a hypothetical scenario a Japanese customer conceived for a jet: how would you accommodate a customer who wished to sit on the floor at one of those wooden short legged tables (or, in Japanese, chabudai) instead? Well, you’d bring the windows down to their level, and, just like the zen-architecture concepts of Tadao Ando that blends modern structures with natural light, you’d find a way to let the sun in – without depressurizing the whole cabin. This showcases Embraer’s willingness to tailor the entire form of the plane to their customer’s specific needs or culture.

“I’ve always believed that we should be able to execute the customer’s dreams and passions in an airplane” said Jay Beever, VP of interior design, as noted in an article by Wired. The team over at Embraer is ready to jump in with the concept the moment a wealthy enough customer requests it. They’re fully confident they can pull it off while living up to the strict safety requirements of the airline industry.


The Lineage was unveiled last year as a luxurious ultra-large executive jet, boasting spacious cabin zones and highly tailored interiors – including capacity for a master suite with a large bed and a walk-in shower. If they actually manage to pull off the natural view as well, they’re sure to set a good precedent in exclusive luxury. In other words, beat that all other makers of jets!

Images courtesy of Embraer

Brave Heart: L.A. ‘Skyslide’ Opens

This isn’t your normal playground slide. For one, it is situated between the 69th and 70th storeys of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles — did we mention that it is suspended on the outside of the building, leaving close to nothing between you and the ground 1,000-feet below? Furthermore, it’s made out of completely transparent bulletproof (for some reason) glass, giving you a very pretty (some would say pretty sickening) view of the surrounding skyscrapers, as well as the city streets far down below. The Skyslide is located in the OUE Skyspace: the newest open-air observation deck in L.A. that allows for a great panoramic view of the whole city.

The whole slide is around 45 feet long, which makes for a quick but certainly heart-thumping experience. Visitors go down the whole length sitting on a sliding mat, accelerating downwards until landing safely on the shock-absorbant cushioning mattress at the bottom. Don’t worry about the glass not being able to keep hold. It is 1.4 inches thick and strong enough to withstand the weight of the human body.


The Skyslide is just one part of the skyscraper’s renovation process. The entire plan is to change the building into “a vibrant business, social and tourist destination”, and around $50 million has been pumped into the project; we assume the slide alone didn’t cost that amount or we would have opened with that! In order to celebrate the launch of the OUE Skyspace, downtown Los Angeles saw performances by Snoop Dogg, Far East Movement, Jessica Sanchez, Niykee Heaton and Raquel Rodriguez in an exciting block party.

Beyond the 2,800 square foot observation deck though, the space is also filled with interactive and education digital installations on storeys 2 and 54 – such as a 360-degree Digital Topography Wall of Los Angeles , an Infinity Mirror, and a Silhouette Wall.


You can find out more about the Skyslide over at the OUE Skyspace’s website – if you are brave enough, that is.

5 Rustic Bohemian-Inspired Retreats

It is not only the hard-core bohemians who crave boho-chic style environments. Those who have an eye for the unconventional and the authentic are willing to travel far to enjoy them. Our friends at Form magazine scoured the globe to bring you these five living spaces that will surely satisfy the inner hippie in you.



A short distance from world-famous Paradise Club in the Mykonos and the beaches of Paranga, San Giorgio occupies one of the most scenic spots on the island. Mykonos is famed for its nightlife, picturesque white houses set along quiet alleys and blue seas, and San Giorgio is the place to enjoy the simple pleasures of waking up to sea-views, sharing good food, and soaking up the energy of a crowd dancing under a starry sky.

Architecture & Interior Design: Michael Schickinger, Annabell Kutucu



Having lived in many different countries, Alexis Schärer and Angie Rodriguez have infused their nine-room property with global chic, and a dollop of Mexican flavor with vintage Mexican furniture and fine flea market finds from haciendas in the Yucatan region and elsewhere in Mexico. The establishment’s dominant white palette is also reminiscent of seaside retreats across the globe. Mismatched furniture in many lounging spaces gives the place a relaxed atmosphere. The owners even make or serve breakfast themselves at the Cocina Loft restaurant so that guests feel they’re staying at friends’ home.

Architecture: Angie Rodriguez, Alexis Schärer, and Jaime Ingelmo

Interior Design: Angie Rodriguez, Alexis Schärer, and Andres Ocejo



Home to a host of designer boutiques, trendy bars and beach clubs, Türkbükü has earned a reputation as the St. Tropez of Turkey. The opening of Maçakizi, which has become a jet-set mecca, has put the coastal town on the international map. Located on a hill with dense olive groves, the 74-room Maçakizi charms with panoramic sea views and understated luxury. Think travertine floors, open plan bathrooms, and rain showers. Facilities include an open-air restaurant, a private beach, swimming pool, fitness centre and spa with a traditional Turkish hammam. On cooler months, guests can dine at the Mediterraneo pavilion—a glass-enclosed area with a fireplace and a view of the bay.

Architecture: Ahmet Alatas

Interior Design: Ayla Emiroglu, Sahir Erozan




From steamy rainforests to kaleidoscopic coral reefs, the rare is within reach at this remote 8-room, 110-hectare retreat. Relaxation is on generous offer, but exploration of the vicinity is a tantalizing alternative fishing, rainforest tours, and snorkeling are at their best, and highly accessible with one of the hotel’s four motor launches. Social activity centers on the hotel’s restaurant, bar and lounge, Gazebo, with its heady décor of carnival masks, and white couches littered with colorful cushions. The cuisine blends Caribbean ingredients and colonial flavors.

Architecture & Interior Design: Ecléctico



With new casitas recently added at Papaya Playa guests have more options for accommodation. This destination 85-room resort hotel on the Caribbean coast of Tulum, Mexico offers access to both the inland jungle and the beach. Guests can dine on locally sourced specialities, and beachside refreshments are served until late. Spa treatments are offered along with yoga, tai chi and meditation sessions, but music is also a strong component of the Papaya experience. The world’s best DJs hold sessions here.

Communal areas—including an amphitheatre on the beach—are created for creative collaboration among guests, and have figured in performances and presentations of music, readings, lectures and more.

Architecture & Interior Design: Design Hotels™ Design Team