Private Jet Tours from Aman, Four Seasons

By | January 10, 2014

Sometimes we really deserve to set ourselves up for a long airborne journey far from the madding clutter of everyday life. For that, Aman and Four Seasons have you fully covered with their respective travel packages. Whether it is exploring the cultural depth of Asia in the comfortable privacy of a Gulfstream G200 private jet, or being brought on a gastronomic journey with the help of star chef Rene Redzepi, you can be sure that these trips will be fully worth your (considerable) while. We are not sure if this is part of some larger trend of hotel groups organizing tours of multiple properties but we do like it when luxury brands really think outside the box.

Aman Summer PalaceAman Summer Palace

With a limit of just eight guests on the Gulfstream G200, Aman’s Private Jet Expedition allows for a nice space of your own, or with your loved one, while visiting some of the key cradles of Asian civilization. The trip stretches across China, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka, where guests will be able to stay at the eight Aman resorts in these countries. In order to maximize the intimacy of the situation, all touring is set to be with a private car, driver, and guide for each day – though guests will have the occasion to come together in the evening for cocktail parties and special dinners. It’ll run through 9-26 October 2016. We are sure that Aman Junkies (as fans of the resort are known) will probably already have booked this up but here are the details anyway.

Amanbagh - Dinner at Small ChhatriAmanbagh – Dinner at Small Chhatri

The trip will start in urban Beijing, where guests can discover its world heritage sites while staying over at the Aman Summer Palace. Later they’ll shift over to Amandayan and be able to experience the rural beauty of Lijiang. Next up is Amankora Paro and Amankora Thimpu in Bhutan, the country well-known for its spirituality, natural beauty and, of course, for being relatively unknown. After Bhutan is the oasis-like Amanbagh in India’s Aravalli Hills, as well as the tented Aman-i-Khas located on the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park. Finally, Sri Lanka beckons with the colonial charm of Amangalla located in Galle Fort, and, the Bawa-esque beachside resort Amanwella. All this adds up to perhaps the perfect exploration of the diversity of Asian cultures while being able to stay at a host of resorts – each with their own special cultural aesthetic. The whole trip is priced at $63,888 per person ($127,776 per couple).

Amanwella Swimming PoolAmanwella Swimming Pool

At $135,000 per person, Four Seasons’ “Culinary Discoveries” aims to focus exclusively on the gastronomical side of things. Yes we know gastronomical is not a real word but at that price, you can call it whatever you want. Running from May 27 to June 14 2017, the trip goes through nine dining capitals and stops at some of the most exclusive restaurants out there. The flight itself will be aboard a private Boeing 757 configured to seat 52 passengers. Every guest is also gifted with Bose noise-canceling headphones and iPads, rather than normal earbuds and seatback entertainment.

Culinary Discoveries with Four SeasonsCulinary Discoveries with Four Seasons

The three week itinerary scrolls through looking into ancient Korean temple cuisine, exploring the street food and markets of Hong Kong and Thailand, going on foraging tours with the chefs at the renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, and ending in Paris with a farewell dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Cinq at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Other locations on the way include Mumbai, Florence, Lisbon, and Tokyo. Along the way, guests will participate in a series of hosted talks and conversations about the past, present and future of food and its intersection with creativity, innovation and community.

The Boeing 757The Boeing 757

“From our team’s travels across Scandinavia to relocating our restaurant to Tokyo and Sydney, our international journeys have helped expand our minds and our tastes, and influenced the creativity of the Noma kitchen. We look forward to working with Four Seasons to help develop their first-ever Culinary Discoveries journey, and to create an experience that is truly memorable” said Redzepi.

You can check out more details over that Aman’s website here, or Four Seasons’ website here.

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