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The Gentleman’s Travel Guide to Monaco

For every man out there with a case of wanderlust, make Monaco your ultimate goal. Th city is home to the most prestigious gems in Europe’s hospitality industry, luxury men’s fashion, a ubiquitous display of high-end automobiles, and a thriving nightlife scene. Monaco is incontrovertibly one of the world’s most renowned luxury capitals and a playground for… Read More »

From palatial pads in Mongolia to stunning domiciles in West London, PALACE 21 magazine presents these topics

PALACE 21 magazine – The Emerging Markets Issue PALACE 21 magazine focuses on emerging markets – Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Colombia, Montenegro, and Czech Republic. These “supposed” lesser-known locales do offer some interesting luxury homes to consider and invest in. US cities are also not ignored as our roving reporter presents stellar properties in key… Read More »

This surreal hotel is not too far in the future

In a joint project between Innovation Imperative, an architectural practice in London established in 2000, and engineers from Canadian firm WSP, plans are set for a fascinating new hotel with a modular set-up comprised of concrete pods. Although the location of the project is yet to be finalised, its architecture is designed to be adaptable for anywhere around… Read More »